The family enjoyed a delightfully productive long weekend on a trout fishing expedition.  All five families stayed in a private log lodge within walking distance of some great rainbows and browns.  Weather was perfect with a surreal fog-shrouded stream at daybreak and near-full moon glistening on the trickling rapids at nightfall.  Of course, though, fishing was not quite as favorable as implied by the photo below, from a nearby hatchery. 

We all enjoyed our traditional Saturday night feast of deep-fried and grill-baked trout, and too many side dishes and deserts to admit.   Sunday morning we all took our matriarch, Grandma Donna, to the main lodge for Mother's Day dinner.

Trout fishing was stellar; but we can't wait until salmon season returns so we can fish right from our back yard in "Snohomish Country".

However, things were not all a slam dunk.  We did have some competition for the trout as shown at left (wink).