Pack Goats First Multi-night Campout

Not exactly wilderness survival, but it was a ten-day sleepover at a secluded place away from home. We packed everyone up and moved to a high-vista ridge we have nearby in the Black Hills. We could see the sun rise over Chicago and set over Portland (well, kinda like that). Unlimited views in every direction, including Bear Butte/Sturgis to the north and the night-sky lights of Rapid City to the south.

On three different days, we saw violent thunderstorms coming from 20 miles away, which provided lots of sky-fireworks and lots of time to prepare. On one night, we had 80-90mph winds and torrential rains at 2am. I joined the startled goats in a small protective enclosure until it passed.
One morning we delayed going to work long enough for me to go up and take some aerial photo's of an adjacent campground run by a nice couple who let us take a hot shower each day. So I snapped one of the ridge where we were camping, too.
For the first time ever, we got our fill of rock hunting. She also found lots of petrified wood and pure white crystaline rocks. The goats, however, had a special interest in those strange new rocks, which you can see here.
Interesting, that we, and the four goats, and Sherlock loved it there and agreed we all want to return. To stay and live. But that's another story, of solar proportions. Stay tuned.