The Canyon Lake Center's Black Hills Explorers set out on Saturday, May 14 to locate a hard-to-find treasure box hidden along the Flume Trail.  

Ten of us went on this snow-misty 7.5 mile trek, including some steep-slope rock-scrambling in search of geochached treasure.  Our youngest on this outing was 61 and the eldest was 84.  NOTE:  The 84-year old recently returned from summiting 19,000-ft Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa.  That's nearly a mile higher than Colorado's highest peaks!.

Our GPS expert Clint VanBlaricum showed us all how to use the GPS, then he even "broke the code" and was the first one to locate the sneaky little treasure hidden under rocks off-trail.  We took a marble from the box, and left an LED flashlight.  But we brought home some great memories, including new GPS and geocaching skills, and great respect for the tenacious vigilance of our fearless GPS leader.

Each outing is the second Saturday of the month.  Our next outing is Saturday, June 11, leaving the Canyon Lake Center at promptly 8:30am, returning mid-afternoon.  We will tour an historic Ghost town or two, from the old mining and logging days.  For more information, call the Explorers' leader, Lee Alley at 863-0806, or email to Lee@LeeAlleyRealEstate.com.

10 Brave and Cagey GPS Sleuths (including Lee, holding camera)

Up and up we went, in search of geocaching riches.

Spirits ran high, anticipating great wealth.

But then, reality set in.  We had to read our maps and GPS's !!!

Gee, I dunno.  It could be up there.

Then Coach Clint, GPS expert stepped in to help.

Which way did he say is 'up'?

Let's just let him find it.

And...He did !

Coach Clint, the GPS expert and treasure hunter extraordinaire'.

Heading back home.