Heather's Family DayTrek to Little Elk Creek 'Water Park'

Heather and Greg and their two daughters, all from Illinois, decided to "do something different" for the family summer vacation trip. Boy did they. Heather said, "We all had a blast. We'd like to come back next year."

We hope they do. What a delightful family to get to know better. I hope they do come back, if only to stop in to say Hi to their new lifelong friends Harney, Custer, Sylvan and Sturgis.

(To Heather and Greg's wonderful daughters, a special thanks... You two young ladies are real troopers. Thank you for putting up with the heat, 7 MILES of hot trail, and never knowing quite sure what's around the bend. I really enjoyed getting to know this extra fine family.)
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Goats Debut First Show Business Appearance

This July 4th morning, the Black Hills Pack Goats entered the Piedmont South Dakota International Independence Day Show and Parade. We live just outside Piedmont in the forest suburbs. Piedmont's population is 93 (when everyone is home). Check the photo f Piedmont's intersection.

Notice how the goats reacted to the (I swear) 8 foot high bull, who also had horns. The goats had a real hard time making friendly to another "goat" that big.

Notice, too, that once again the noble Custer positioned himself between his herd and the unknown intruder (that bull!). See too, how Sylvan has again taken up station to mark the escape route, should the situation turn south and ugly.

BTW: The Boyz did great. The parade had volunteer fire dept sirens blaring, motorcycles (Harley's) rumbling, horses bolting, ATV's revving, several dogs, and the chaos of an unrehearsed small-town parade. The Boys were absolutely solid. They got concerned a few moments, but they handled their leads fine. In fact, I eventually daisy-chained them, one behind the other at one point. No problemo.