We had a thrilling, fantastically successful Kids' Fishing Day this weekend in Monroe, Washington.  
A proud kid and his buddy at the 2015 Monroe Kids' Fishing Day
 (Photo (C)2015 Snohomish Country Photography)
With several sponsors, including Trout Unlimited, Monroe Lions Club and Hagen Grocery, there were lots of fish, plenty volunteer help, various snacks...and Kids' Smiles Unlimited.  

I spoke with one of the organizers who said he had personally counted the many dozens of over-three pound trout included in the special stocking.  When I arrived there about 9:30 the place was already buzzing with hundreds of happy fisherkids and equally smiley adults...and only 15 of the whoppers had been weighed in so far.

Monroe WA 2015 Kids' Fishing Day
 (Photo (C)2015 Snohomish Country Photography)
 Interesting that every single one of the hundreds of kids I saw, and nearly every one of their adult companions seemed so happy and laid back.  Nothing like opening bell on weekends at some of the stocked "trout streams" I have visited in state parks elsewhere.

Four proud, successful anglers
 (Photo (C)2015 Snohomish Country Photography)
The Monroe Lions Club and Trout Unlimited had set up to clean the fish for the kids and to weigh each fish.

Congratulations Trout Unlimited, Monroe Lions' Club, Hagens Grocery and the many other sponsors.  A great day for kids craving a day of trout fishing in Snohomish country.  But, next year I'm going to find a kid to go with me.  

PS:  When you go next year don't be discouraged by the huge line waiting for their turn to get in.  Some of those were, according to one organizer, coming back through for the 2nd or 3rd time after they caught their limit.  Crowd coordination is stellar, allowing everyone a safe and relax.
Many fishing teams at 2015
Monroe Kids' Fishing Day were not "fishermen"
(Photo (C)2015 Snohomish Country Photography)
Aspiring anglers waiting in line (on left) at
2015 Monroe Trout Unlimited Kids' Fishing Day.
(Photo (C)2015 Snohomish Country Photography)

"Whoaaaaa...lookit these!"
(Photo (C)2015 Snohomish Country Photography)

Volunteers cleaned fish for any kid who wanted it
(Photo (C)2015 Snohomish Country Photography)

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