"The Boyz" have been waiting since last fall to once again taste the lush green grass and fresh baby pine cones of the Black Hills forest.  We took and entire Saturday afternoon, trying to go slow enough to nibble something from every square foot in our path.  What a wonderful day to celebrate life in the best place on Earth. (Hope you enjoy the nifty little rompalong video below.  Just click on it.  Or, click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Our back yard

Gotta reach that itch....ooooohhhhh

"Hey, Lee.  You gettin' a shot of this?"



Well, Grey gets a big goose-egg score on his first s*x education lab test.   We went to check in on the white goose's ellipsoidal progeny production, which, we had discovered, were well hidden deep under the hay in the nest.  

But I get ahead of myself.

Over the past year Grey Goose has been sparking his Lovely, the white-feathered Ms. Absolute.  Grey took her out on late-night dates at the goat zoo.

He even took his dear lady to the spa, and tended to her every wish.

 The two of them patrolled and prowled every inch of the farm, ending each day together in silent intimacy as they preened in preparation for a night of bedding together.

We all knew where this was headed.  

Then she began roosting on a perfect mound of empty nest she had carved in the hay on the bedroom floor of their goose house.  It went on for weeks, with no apparent eggs.  Then one day we discovered that, unlike chickens, geese apparently hide their eggs under 6" of hay, way down.  And, boy, were those things big!

So then, we waited.  And waited.  Just sat down and patiently awaited the soft pecking from inside an egg.

Then yesterday we candle tested an egg.  Bad news.  


But, why?  He did everything right.  She played her part right down the DNA mainline.

But, did he?  I remembered a video I had taken of them during an amorous moment last winter, and hadn't really thought about it.  Then it hit me.  Maybe he didn't do everything right.  Maybe he needs a big brother to take him aside.  What do you think?  Click on this video below. 



That is, until one of these sleeping dinosaurs turns postal.  Those are TEETH!