Last midnight the Black Hills Pack Goats, the chickens, dogs and Lee had enjoyed a special quiet Christmas eve in the forest, with the full moon's silver light glistening on the frosty snow and frozen fog on the pine needles.  We homebound forest beasts all promised to get up at the crack of Christmas dawn and walk again together in the forest as it wakes up.

The morning light tapped ever so lightly on the goats' front door. 

The goats were rising from bed just as I arrived.
"Hey, Lee.  Are we still going out for breakfast?" 

"We'll just nibble a few bites before we go." 

"Hey!  Don't forget us!" 

"Hmmm... Maybe we'll just stay here and clean up after the goats." 

Lee, we may nibble some free needles here and forego the hike.

Hey, Goats.  What's the holdup?  Let's go!

OK, Lee.  We're here as promised.  
Do we have to just stand around?
Let's go for a real hike, darn it.

OK, Lee.  You stand around and take pictures.
We'll be over here eating at the buffet. 

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Did you want us goats in this one?

Here's a good one.  Get a picture of this one, Lee.

OK, I'm ready.  Take my picture with some needles in the foreground.

The forest makes a beautiful church to attend for Christmas,
and make sense of the real world.