I designed and built two modified top bar hives.  Meanwhile, two colonies arrived via the mail.  

Too bad some things went awry.  First, when the bee supplier called to say they were behind on shipping, I said "fine," not knowing they already had the bees packed, but they just sat there in the Georgia warehouse.  When the bees arrived, their was no more food, the bees were badly stressed, and I am not sure one of the queens survived.  

Then, despite request the post office call me when the bees came in, I arrived home to discover the bees had been waiting all day without food.

So we rushed the hives out to the yard and installed the bees.  Same as last year's installation of a new colony...first move the queen's chamber to the new hive, then shake the livin daylights out of the bees in the inverted shipping box.  Oddly, I still did not get stung this year even though I shook and banged on their shipping box.

Let's hope these ladies thrive in their new forest home.

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