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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pack Goats First Multi-night Campout

Not exactly wilderness survival, but it was a ten-day sleepover at a secluded place away from home. We packed everyone up and moved to a high-vista ridge we have nearby in the Black Hills. We could see the sun rise over Chicago and set over Portland (well, kinda like that). Unlimited views in every direction, including Bear Butte/Sturgis to the north and the night-sky lights of Rapid City to the south.

On three different days, we saw violent thunderstorms coming from 20 miles away, which provided lots of sky-fireworks and lots of time to prepare. On one night, we had 80-90mph winds and torrential rains at 2am. I joined the startled goats in a small protective enclosure until it passed.
One morning we delayed going to work long enough for me to go up and take some aerial photo's of an adjacent campground run by a nice couple who let us take a hot shower each day. So I snapped one of the ridge where we were camping, too.
For the first time ever, we got our fill of rock hunting. She also found lots of petrified wood and pure white crystaline rocks. The goats, however, had a special interest in those strange new rocks, which you can see here.
Interesting, that we, and the four goats, and Sherlock loved it there and agreed we all want to return. To stay and live. But that's another story, of solar proportions. Stay tuned.

Monday, May 28, 2012


Sylvan, Custer, Sturgis and Harney were hungry.  Real hungry, after being confined to quarters for three days of rain.  Well, not exactly "confined," mind you.  Actually they're spoiled kids who just don't like to get their tootsies wet.  And when Sturgis' pure black coat gets wet it looks like an overworked 1950's super-perm wave job (which the others tease him about).

So when the sun cleared, they were all about heading out for a serious chowdown at the ultimate springtime all-you-can-eat Black Hills Forest Oak-Tree Buffet.  And since Harney the runt normally gets last-pickens at the trough in the barn, he especially appreciates the wide open every-where-you-look serving line.  

Monday, May 14, 2012


Christine's family sent a picture book to us in the Black Hills so we could read about family in Seattle.  Every evening at bed time the goats ask Lee to read to them.

Sometimes the goats read to each other.  Custer politely asked his very nice brother, Sturgis, "Hey Sturgis.  Would you please read it to us again?"

Sunday, April 22, 2012


"The Boyz" have been waiting since last fall to once again taste the lush green grass and fresh baby pine cones of the Black Hills forest.  We took and entire Saturday afternoon, trying to go slow enough to nibble something from every square foot in our path.  What a wonderful day to celebrate life in the best place on Earth. (Hope you enjoy the nifty little rompalong video below.  Just click on it.  Or, click on any photo to enlarge it.)

Our back yard

Gotta reach that itch....ooooohhhhh

"Hey, Lee.  You gettin' a shot of this?"

Saturday, July 23, 2011


The goats and I were kinda bummed-lonesome with Jane gone so we decided to cheer ourselves up with a walk in the woods and to high places.  It worked.  It sure cheers things up to wander around nibbling on Mother Nature's grass and Grandma Jane's sausage biscuits.
Custer with Bear Butte in Background

Saving the Good Stuff for Later


They wanted to go on a munch-mozey.  But it was blazing hot.  So we negotiated a deal.  They carried the beer and ice.  I carried the camera.

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Last midnight the Black Hills Pack Goats, the chickens, dogs and Lee had enjoyed a special quiet Christmas eve in the forest, with the full moon's silver light glistening on the frosty snow and frozen fog on the pine needles.  We homebound forest beasts all promised to get up at the crack of Christmas dawn and walk again together in the forest as it wakes up.

The morning light tapped ever so lightly on the goats' front door. 

The goats were rising from bed just as I arrived.
"Hey, Lee.  Are we still going out for breakfast?" 

"We'll just nibble a few bites before we go." 

"Hey!  Don't forget us!" 

"Hmmm... Maybe we'll just stay here and clean up after the goats." 

Lee, we may nibble some free needles here and forego the hike.

Hey, Goats.  What's the holdup?  Let's go!

OK, Lee.  We're here as promised.  
Do we have to just stand around?
Let's go for a real hike, darn it.

OK, Lee.  You stand around and take pictures.
We'll be over here eating at the buffet. 

Click on photo's of scenery for larger images.

Did you want us goats in this one?

Here's a good one.  Get a picture of this one, Lee.

OK, I'm ready.  Take my picture with some needles in the foreground.

The forest makes a beautiful church to attend for Christmas,
and make sense of the real world.

Monday, December 20, 2010


The Black Hills Pack Guys were staring from the barn up at the white-frosted forest of pine needles on the high ridge.  Normally, luscious green pine needles are their favorite treat in winter, but during the wintry snow season, they go nuts for pine needles that are "seasoned" frosty white with frozen fog.  (For evidence, observe Harney's tongue, licking the tasty frost from his lips.)  First, though, before going out for such a special Christmas occasion they insisted on wearing their dress-up neck-muffs.